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How Much Do We Really Know About Marijuana?

During marijuana prohibition, it has been largely believed that the scientific community actually knows very little about the plant and the effects of its various compounds. That is changing more rapidly than you probably know.

According to a recent survey conducted by Salon: “there are over 20,000 published studies or reviews in the scientific literature referencing the cannabis plant and […]

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First Retail Cannabis Stores in U.S. History Receive Licenses Today

For the first time in the history of the United Sates of America, retail marijuana licenses have been issued. Colorado issued 136 retail, 178 processing, and 31 production licenses. 270 of these licenses were issued to businesses in Denver.

These licensed businesses have gone through the state’s rigorous Retail Marijuana licensing process, which includes the submission of required documentation, fingerprint-based […]

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Banks Get “Yellow Light” to Start Accepting Cannabis Accounts

The cannabis industry has long been hindered by the inability to establish a legal bank account. This has driven the industry to be largely cash only, forcing medical dispensaries to figure out how to deal with large amounts of cash. This changed when the Department of Justice gave the “Yellow Light” for banks to start accepting cannabis accounts.

The Department […]

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As Colorado Nears Marijuana Legalization, Licensed Facilities May Not Meet Public Demand

Retail marijuana sales are due to start in Colorado at the beginning of the year. The lack of licensed retail facilities is causing increased concerns though. Complicated regulations are binding applicants, with only 12 licensed retail facilities expected to be open in all of Colorado come January 1.

The lack of retail facilities combined with the growing anticipation surrounding the […]

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Cannabis Growing Up as Suites & Ties Begin Replacing Tie-dye & Sandals

Many people envision the typified bohemian wearing Birkenstocks, a tie-dye shirt and long hair when discussing the canna-businessman. That stereotype is changing quickly however.

As the canna-business continues to shift into retail legitimacy in Washington and Colorado, with more states looking to follow, including big players like California, the rapidly growing industry is expected to exceed sales of $6 billion […]

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Most Conservative State in the U.S. Contemplates Cannabis Legalization

While Indiana is considered to be one of the most conservative states in the U.S., it is currently contemplating legalizing marijuana. In a recent pole conducted by The Hoosier Survey, 53 percent of Indiana residents support legalizing marijuana. Even more compelling is that 78 percent are ready to tax marijuana similarly to tobacco and alcohol.

This coincides with the shifting […]

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I-502 Application Window Extended

Originally due December 19, applications for I-502 production, processing and retail applications have been extended to December 20, 2013. The 24 hour extension has been noted on the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s Marijuana License Application page.

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Helping to Reshape the Perception of Cannabis

The old adage “perception is reality” is a rule in marketing and public relations that often holds true. So when Colorado lobbyist Mason Tvert looked at data, trying to decipher why Americans vilify marijuana and embrace alcohol, he found the facts supported marijuana as the safer substance. Tvert realized part of the answer, the vernacular that surrounded marijuana needed […]

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City Attorney Pete Holmes Calls for Additional Cannabis Retail Licenses for Seattle

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes expects the demand for marijuana in the Seattle to be much higher than originally anticipated. So much so that he is calling for 50 licenses, more than twice the delegated number of 21 retail licenses currently assigned to Seattle.

Additionally, Holmes wants the 1,000 foot rule (the distance any marijuana retail facility must be from […]

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Bill Clinton Thinks The People Should Be Allowed to Decide if They Want to Inhale

“The drug issue should be decided by people in each country, based on what they think is right,” Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said. “We have a process in America for doing it that’s being revisited state-by-state. And Latin America is free to do the same thing.”

As the stigma that has surrounded cannabis is lifted by an increase in […]

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