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Feds Setting Up Rules for Cannabis Banking

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for medical marijuana dispensaries are the banks refusals to allow dispensaries to open business banking accounts. A simple item of business, but the banks refusals has forced the industry to be a cash only industry for the most part. This puts business at increased risks, robbery being one that is on most dispensary […]

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Marijuana Tourism Expected to Boom in Washington and Colorado

Where will people go to try marijuana?

As the markets begin to develop in Washington and Colorado’s cannabis industry, the tourism outlook for recreational marijuana is expected to be a major economic contribution.

“The market is huge: from $1.4 billion in medical marijuana in 2013 it will grow by 64 percent to $2.34 billion in 2014 with recreational pot added in […]

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NFL to Consider Allowing Medical Marijuana

The perceptions that have surrounded marijuana for the last few decades are starting to erode and even the NFL is looking into the medicinal properties of marijuana.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday the NFL would consider allowing athletes to use marijuana to treat concussions and other head injuries if medical experts deemed it a legitimate solution.

“I’m not a medical expert. […]

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Five States Expected to Legalize Marijuana in 2013

With Colorado already selling retail cannabis and Washington right behind, it is only a matter of time before other states follow suite. But what states will be taking the next step?

A two part article by Marijuana Business Daily lists out the probable states and evaluate the most likely route. Here are the states that are expected to shift to […]

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Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson Says Local Governments Have Power to Regulate or Ban Marijuana Businesses

The opinion concludes that I-502’s drafters could have structured the initiative to explicitly require local governments allow marijuana businesses, but did not, and that the state legislature is free add this requirement to state law if it chooses. In fact, a bill has already been filed in the state House to this effect. HB 2322 would prohibit local governments […]

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Demand for Cannabis is High as Retail Marijuana goes Online in Colorado

If three-hour lines and snow don’t discourage patrons from seeking this year’s most notable product, there isn’t much that will. And no, these lines aren’t for Black Friday sales, they are for the first legal sales of retail cannabis.

Retail marijuana is legal for purchasing in Colorado as of the morning of January 1, 2014. The crowds were big and […]

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