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What You Need to Know about Washington State House Bill 2149

Recreational cannabis is changing how Washington State intends to regulate medical marijuana. While many people currently being helped under the medical dispensary model are fighting the changes they see coming to the system currently in place, many believe the changes are inevitable.

Cody’s legislation has a number of significant impacts for medical marijuana patients. The most significant to business […]

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State to Further Limit Marijuana Production and Licenses

The Washington State Liquor Control Board announced yesterday that the State would limit qualified applicants to one growing license, a significant reduction from three licenses per cannabis business applicant originally designated.

With 2,858 applications for marijuana growing alone, 900 of which requested more than one license, the WSLCB decided to limit the number of facilities to better distribute the licenses. […]

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Feds Offer Guidance for Marijuana and Banking Industry


While marijuana banking still remains smokey, the US Justice Department and Treasury Department provided banks with a blueprint on how financial institutions should work with business in the marijuana industry, releasing joint memos on Friday. While the new rules permit banks to work with the cannabis industry, the rules also require the banks to monitor marijuana business and report […]

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SMMA’s CannaBus™ Attends Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl Victory Parade

Seattle Medical Marijuana Association had the opportunity to support the Seahawks during their Super Bowl Victory Parade in Seattle last week. Lots of fans stopped by to take photos with SMMA’s Cannabus. Just another way Canna Consulting Group is helping organization earn publicity and media exposure.

Keep your eye out for the CannaBus as it makes it’s way through Seattle. […]

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