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Washington Moves to Ban Online and Delivery Sales of Marijuana

Proposed rule changes presented to the board Wednesday that are likely to be approved at a future meeting say retailers can’t sell over the Internet and can’t deliver to customers. Buyers will have to come to the store in person, where the staff must make sure they are 21 or older and not buying more at one time than […]

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Washington’s Retail Marijuana License Lottery Starts May 2

Over a year and a half after Washington State citizens voted to legalize the retail sales of marijuana, the Washington State Liqueur Control Board will be ready to randomly draw the names of Washington States first marijuana retailers.

Starting May 2, the first winners of the retail lottery will be notified of their license approval. Although the WSLCB also expects […]

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Rebranding Marijuana from Pot Culture to Cannabis Industry

With legalized retail marijuana expected to hit the market in Washington this coming summer and an already fruitful market in Colorado, marijuana’s image is changing.

Less than a decade ago, many people saw marijuana as pot culture and not much more. Now that legal businesses are beginning to establish themselves in the developing industry, more media outlets, and thus more […]

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United States Attorney General Eric Holder ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About CO, WA Cannabis Programs

The nation’s top law enforcement official, United States Attorney General Eric Holder, said that he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the retail cannabis roll-outs in Colorado and Washington in a recent interview with Huffington Post.

Holder continued, “but as I indicated to both governors, we will be monitoring the progress of those efforts and if we conclude that they are not […]

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WSLCB Anounces Cannabis Retail Locations to Start Opening in July for Washington

The Washington State Liqueur Control Board announced that it expects the first retail marijuana facilities to start opening this July.

After the first round of application inspections and follow-ups, about 50 percent of applicants have been immediately pulled form the lottery. An in house inspection is next for those who passed, which will further limit the number of applicants in […]

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