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World Health Organization Calls for Drug Decriminalization

In a report published earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) made a clear call for broad drug policy reforms, including decriminalization of drug use, harm reduction practices such as syringe exchange and opioid substitution therapy, and a ban on compulsory treatment for people who use drugs. This report by the United Nations’ leading health agency focuses on […]

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WA Retail Marijauna Shortages could Last Months

After less than a week in sales, the few Washington’s retail marijuana shops that opened ran dry, and now some are expecting the shortage to last months.

Brian Stroh – who owns CannaMan Farms, a cultivation site in Clark County – said licensed growers are all scrambling to produce more marijuana, but they are limited by the growth cycle of […]

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Baked Goods are a Go, Candies a No

The the retail marijuana industry is starting to take shape in Washington, and the Washington State Liquor Control Board is continuing to shape the regulations that will guide the new industry. The newest adopted rules outline what food products may and may not be infused with marijuana for sale in retail facilities.

What stuck out to most people is the […]

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Marijauna States’ Rights Issue Says White House

The Obama administration believes marijuana policy is a states’ rights issue, the White House said Monday in opposing Republican led legislation that would prevent Washington, D.C., from using local funds to decriminalize marijuana possession.

The GOP-sponsored House amendment would prevent D.C. “from using its own local funds to carry out locally-passed marijuana policies, which again undermines the principles of States’ […]

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Seattle’s Only Retail Marijuana Store Runs Dry

Retail marijuana went online in Washington on Tuesday July 7, and Cannabis City Manager Amber McGowan knew before they opened that the 10lbs they had in stock was not going to be near enough to keep their doors open. Being Seattle’s first and only retail marijuana shop, Cannabis City ran out of product and had to close their doors […]

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Oregon Watching and Learning from Washington Retail Marijuana Rollout

If Oregon legalizes recreational marijuana this November, it will become the third state in the nation behind Washington and Colorado, both of which passed ballot initiatives in 2012. Oregon will be watching Washington closely, and will have the advantage of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Soaring prices, supply shortages and overwhelmed regulators are three takeaways from Washington’s roll out […]

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First Retail Marijuana Stores in Washington Open Today

The Washington State Liqueur Control Board handed out the first of the retail marijuana facility licenses just a couple days ago, and today the first stores are opening their doors.

The state Liquor Control Board issued recreational licenses to the first 24 retailers, including Top Shelf, via email early Monday, July 7. The early-morning licensing allowed retailers to be able […]

Seattle’s First Retail Marijuana Set to Open on Tuesday

July 8, 2014

That’s the day that Seattle’s (and possibly Washington’s) first retail marijuana shop Cannabis City is scheduled to open. Owner James Lathrop currently only has 10 pounds of product, which he is expecting to sell out of in the first day.

Lathrop expects Cannabis City will sell out that day, even with prices at $15 to $20 per gram. […]