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Breathalyzer Developed for Cannabis

With cannabis legal in two states and more states to follow, there is growing concern that increased access will lead to increased instances of driving while impaired. Cannabix Technologies Inc. recently developed a the world’s first cannabis breathalyzer.

The device is currently in the prototype development stage, and is expected to  be used as a roadside tool to help identify […]

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Seattle Church Sues to Close Neighboring Marijuana Shop

Mount Calvary Christian Center is suing Seattle’s second retail marijuana store Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop after being opened less than a month.

The Seattle church says they should be considered a recreation center or facility, and that Uncle Ike’s violates the 1000 foot rule that governs the zoning of retail marijuana shops.

Pastor Reggie Witherspoon, the head of the church, said […]

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City of Seatte’s Letter to Major Marijuana Operations Getting National Attention

Last week, the city of Seattle wrote a letter to 330 major medical marijuana operations outlining the City’s compliancy expectations.

The letter drew concern from many Seattle medical marijuana businesses and patients. While Seattle Officials point to Washington and the need for state mandated regulations, this has not tempered many patients concerns.

Seattle dispensary owner and Canna Consulting Group […]

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CCG Director Talks to Seattle Media about Medical Marijuana

Director of CCG Karl Keich was recently interviewed by King 5 News in Seattle about the City of Seattle’s “warning letters” which were sent to all “major” medical marijuana operations.

Karl is also the owner of Seattle Medical Marijuana Association, one Seattle’s most noted medical marijuana dispensaries. SMMA and 330 other dispensaries received a letter from the City of Seattle […]

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Marijuana Business Conferences Receiving Increased Turnout

Interest in both retail and medical marijuana has increased ten-fold over the last two years. While this is not surprising with the recent shift in public opinion to pro-cannabis, mostly due to the anticipated tax revenue, it’s entrepreneurs who are spending the big bucks right now.

At the Cannabis Business Expo at the Times Square Marriott Marquis 900 people turned […]

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Director of Canna Consulting Group Featured on PBS News Special

Our Director Karl Keich, was recently featured in a PBS news article about the state of medical marijuana in Washington.

Karl is not only the Director of Canna Consulting Group but is also the owner of Seattle Medical Marijuana Association, one of Seattle’s and Washington State’s best know medical marijuana dispensaries.

SMMA prides itself on being a top notch medical marijuana […]

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Washington Retail Marijuana Stores go from Shortages to Surplus

It is no secret that the first few retail marijuana facilities to open in Washington opened with product shortages that left many folks paying upwards of $40 per gram. It appears that these month long shortages have turned into a recent surpluses.

The supply pipeline is so strong now that one store owner in Vancouver told a local newspaper that […]

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Seattle City Council Extends Medical Marijuana until July 1, 2015

On September 2, 2014 Seattle City Council unanimously approved legislation to extend legal medical marijuana production, processing, and access points operating within the Seattle city limits. There are limitations though.

First, the extension only applies to medical marijuana facilities operating within Seattle’s city limits, which is limited by the governing bodies jurisdiction.

The other primary stipulation is that the business must […]

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