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Washington Marijuana Farmer Auctions Off 300 Pounds of Dried Flower

For the next few years, we can expect a lot of firsts to pop up in the marijuana industry. A new addition to that lists of firsts, is the first ever legal marijuana auction.

Fireweed Farms in Prosser, WA auctioned off close to 300 pounds of dried flower. Owner Randy Williams estimated the marijuana sold averaged about $3 a […]

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93 Year Old and Her Son Try Marijuana for the First Time

To say that the public opinion concerning marijuana has swayed over the last few years would be an understatement. With a vote to legalize marijuana in Oregon and Alaska this year, and Washington and Colorado over a year ago, the trends are definitely showing at the voters box.

The legalization trend and an increase in information available about marijuana […]

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3rd Annual Marijuana Business Conference Sold Out

The 3rd Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo sold out early this morning.

The industry convention is being held in Las Vegas this year and was originally planned to host 1,500 participants. That number increased to 2,000 when registration skyrocketed within the first couple of weeks. Today the convention hit its capacity, tallying over 3,000 registered participants. This is a […]

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Veterans find Compassion in Medical Marijuana

Veterans Day has a way of bringing to light the many issues that our veterans face after they’ve returned home from the front-lines. Medical marijuana has long been known for it’s therapeutic qualities and used by veterans and soldiers, and with more states legalizing medical use, marijuana has become the new “don’t ask, don’t tell” for soldiers and veterans.

While […]

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Midterm Elections Prove that Marijuana is Mainstream

Now that the midterm elections now over and the smoke has cleared, it is becoming increasingly apparent that marijuana is mainstream. While many parts of the U.S. voted more Republican this year, three out of the four states with marijuana legislation voted to pass that legislation.

Voters in Oregon, Alaska and D.C. have passed legislation that legalizes marijuana possession. Oregon […]

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