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Native American Tribes Prepare to Enter Marijuana Market

The green rush has an increased number of people looking to get into the marijuana market, hoping to cash in on the profits of this up and coming market place bubble. While new businesses are still trying to get their footing regarding the regulations and taxes, a new player has come out of the woodwork.

Native American tribes are preparing […]

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Washington State to Regulate Medical Marijuana, but how?

Since the passage of I-502 in Washington, state legislators have been trying to figure out what to do with the unregulated medical marijuana industry. Everything from starting a patient registry to completely absorbing medical marijuana into the retail marijuana  industry has been suggested.

The state’s urgency to settle the matter has been apparent but at the end of last years […]

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Seattle City Attorney Pushes for Marijuana Enforcenment

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes sent out a memo on Monday, January 5, addressing the need for regulation and clarification of Washington State’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

“If you’re a commercial (medical-marijuana) operation lacking a 502 license (Initiative 502), it’s a felony operation. Period,” said Holmes.

The memo comes as growing concerns mount regarding the need for regulating Washington’s medical marijuana […]

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