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Scientist Seek to Explain the Munchies as more Studies on Marijuana Start to Surface

The number of scientific studies on marijuana have been minimal throughout the last 100 years. This was largely due to research facilities not seeking to conduct such studies for fear of losing federal funding for other studies. With over half of U.S. states having legalized medical marijuana and a steady increase in states legalizing recreational marijuana,  institutes conducting research […]

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Vermont Proposes Bill to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana

The State of Vermont proposed a bill to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and is working to become the next state to fully legalize recreational marijuana, but politicians are taking a different approach.

Senate Bill 95 was introduced Tuesday and if passed, Vermont would be the first state to legalize the possession, use and sale of recreational marijuana in […]

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Roundup of State Action in 2015

A total of 23 states currently have laws allowing for the use of medical marijuana in the U.S. with 10 more states looking to add medical marijuana legislation. Here’s roundup of state actions in 2015:

– States considering or expected to consider bills to allow medical marijuana for children with seizure disorders: Georgia, Virginia, and Texas

– […]

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Marijuana Could See Reclassification to Schedule Two Drug

A federal hearing in Sacramento this week could call into question whether or not current marijuana laws are unconstitutional. This could be cause for Marijuana to See Reclassification from a Schedule One Drug to a Schedule Two Drug.

The case involves four men who are being charged for illegally growing marijuana in California. The defendants’ attorneys are arguing that […]

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Washington’s First Marijuana Vending Machine Installed in Seattle

Washington’s first marijuana vending machine has been installed in Seattle’s and opened Tuesday morning at Seattle Caregivers. The ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine is stocked with cannabis flower, vaporizer pens, hemp-oil energy drinks and other merchandise.

A buyer’s medical marijuana license is checked by a dispensary employee before that person can use the machine, which uses an ID-card scanner.

At a recreational […]

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