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What does SB 5052 Mean for Marijuana Businesses in Washington State

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5052 on Friday, effectively merging the states successful yet unregulated medical marijuana market with the new and heavily taxed recreational industry.

“I am committed to ensuring a system that serves patients well and makes medicine available in a safe and accessible manner, just like we would do […]

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Could a Republican President Kill the Blossoming Marijuana Industry?

The election of a conservative Republican as President could roll back the gains made in the legalization of marijuana. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took a bold stand recently and said if he were elected, he would work to reverse what has happened under President Obama. While its doubtful Christie would be elected President, it isn’t that improbable that […]

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Steel Warehouses could be the Key to Marijuana Shortages

Just after one of year being on line, Colorado’s retail marijuana industry has been thriving. With initial sales higher than many expected over the first year, a lingering problem has become more prevalent. The need for increased space to grow the raw product has come to the forefront, and the solution for growing marijuana safely seems to be secure […]

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Cannabis is going Green and Greenhouses are the Future

Having attended a numerous cannabis conferences and severed on number of speaker panels throughout the United States over the last year, our cannabis consultant have been seeing a new movement in the industry. Cannabis is going green.

As many cannabis growers will tell you, cannabis is a resource intensive crop that needs lots of lighting and water. With an increasing […]

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