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Recreational Marijuana set to go Online in Oregon, Brings Up Employee Rights Questions

On July 1, 2015, Oregon will become the fourth state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. With both medical and recreational marijuana legalization becoming more sociably acceptable, the question arrises, what does recreational marijuana mean for my employment?

Simply put, nothing on this front has changed, and the employers legally have all the power. While public opinion […]

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Medical Marijuana’s Research Conundrum – Karl Keich Interview

Following the White House’s recent move to make researching medical marijuana more accessible, KIRO News interviews Canna Consulting Group’s Director Karl Keich about medical marijuana’s research conundrum, the medical benefits he has seen in patients, and the current barriers preventing more substantial research.

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White House Clears Path for Medical Marijuana Research

The White House clears a path for medical marijuana research, as a long-standing bureaucratic obstacle to privately-funded medical marijuana research has just been removed, effective immediately.

Until today if you wanted to conduct marijuana research, you’d need to do the following:

– Submit your study proposal to the Food and Drug Administration for a thorough review of its “scientific validity […]

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Study finds Legalized Marijuana doesn’t Increase Teen Drug Use

A new study published Tuesday by Columbia University researchers in the The Lancet Psychiatry journal examined marijuana use among more than a million teenagers over 24 years. The study finds Legalized marijuana doesn’t increase teen drug use

The researchers found no discernible impact in the 21 states that had legalized the drug for medical use. “The risk of marijuana use […]

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