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First Marijuana Resort Slated to Open….. in South Dakota

A state in which neither medical nor recreational marijuana sales are legal, will become home to the Nation’s first marijuana resort.

In June, the Justice Department passed a new policy allowing for American Indian Tribes to operate marijuana business like those in operating in Colorado and Washington, where the plant is completely legal.

The Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe in South Dakota […]

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Treating Epilepsy with Medical Marijuana gives Family New Hope

Marijuana and epilepsy have been sharing a spot light over the last year, as more patients continue to explore medical marijuana as a potential treatment. Treating Epilepsy with medical marijuana has given many families a new hope.

Canna Consulting Group Director and medical marijuana dispensary owner, Karl Keich, continues to work with doctors and patients, to help ensure they have […]

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Karl Keich to Join Dr. Sue Sisley and Speak at Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo

If you’ve had a oppertunity to attend a Cannabis Conferences this year, chances are you’ve seen Cannabis Consulting Group Director Karl Keich speak at one of the events. As cannabis legislation makes it’s way across the U.S., so have an increasing number of cannabis conferences dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of the industry, and […]

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