Ask The Cannabis Experts – With Karl Keich Presenting


Meet professionals on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry as they speak at 3 one-day conventions in Florida. Rub elbows with other marijuana entrepreneurs as you learn about the following categories*:

State of Medical Marijuana in Florida
Working in the Legal Cannabis Market
Application Processing
Opportunity Assessment
Seed To Sale Traceability
How to create the next […]

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    Building or Converting to a Greenhouse? Four Considerations for Commercial Growers

Building or Converting to a Greenhouse? Four Considerations for Commercial Growers

Successful cannabis cultivation practices leverage commercial agricultural industry practices for the most efficient and cost-effective production of the crop. Since the 1990s, the cannabis industry has cultivated primarily in indoor warehouses and outdoor farms, however the industry is experiencing a significant shift toward greenhouses.

Shelly Peterson, vice president of light product solutions at urban-gro, joined a recent panel of industry […]

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Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Washington State Marijuana Laws

Washington State Marijuana Laws are seemingly ever-changing. Our friends at Canna Law Blog wrote a great article highlighting some more recent changes in Washington’s marijuana laws, and we wanted to share:


Highly regulated industries often experience changes to their rules governing how they do business and the marijuana industry is no exception. Washington State seems to have nearly monthly rule […]

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are being Shut Down in Washington

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are being Shut Down in Washington, as the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board continues its campaign to purge Seattle of medical marijuana dispensaries this week, issuing notices to medical shop owners to either get licensed as recreational stores within 14 days or risk being shut down.

Originally, the LCB gave medical dispensaries a deadline of July […]

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Oregon Implementing a New 25% Tax on Recreational Cannabis

Oregon recreational marijuana users may be surprised to see prices have jumped today, with Oregon implementing a new 25% tax on recreational cannabis.   The tax hike coincides with the first day that the state’s Liquor Control Commission has begun accepting applications from entrepreneurs eager to open the first recreational cannabis shops in Oregon.

Since October, Oregon has allowed current medical […]

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New York is Getting Ready for Medical Marijuana

New York is getting ready for medical marijuana, as the first legal medicinal dispensaries are preparing to open their doors.  The state recently began issuing licenses for businesses operating in the medical marijuana industry to grow and sell cannabis, and now the first consumer facing dispensaries are finally preparing to open shop.

New York currently has one of the strictest […]

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Mexico to Issue Permits Allowing for Marijuana Use and Cultivation

Mexico issued the country’s first permits allowing for marijuana use and cultivation today.  The permits were issued as part of the Mexican Supreme Court’s ruling in November that the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is covered by the country’s right to free development of personality, but will only apply to the four plaintiffs in that case.

The permits will allow […]

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Members of Congress Hope to Slash DEA’s Cannabis Eradication Budget

The DEA has had a rough year regarding their unwavering stance against cannabis, and some Congressmen would like to see the agency’s efforts devoted to more important issues. Last week, 12 congressmen wrote the House leadership to push a new spending provision that would eliminate half of the funding for the DEA’s Cannabis Eradication Program.

The DEA spends roughly $18 […]

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Alaska may become the First State to Legalize Cannabis Bars

Alaska may become the first state to legalize cannabis bars, making it the first state to legalize the consumption of marijuana outside of a private space such as a person’s home.  The state’s Marijuana Control Board voted 3-2 in favor of an amendment which would allow individuals to purchase marijuana at retail stores and then consume it in a […]

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President Obama to Fire Current Leader of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency

A bipartisan group of seven lawmakers called on President Obama to fire Chuck Rosenberg, the current leader of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, adding their voices to nearly 100,000 other people who have recently signed an online petition from advocacy group Marijuana Majority calling for Rosenberg’s termination.

Rosenberg took the helm at the DEA only six months ago, but quickly […]

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