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How do I get started pursuing a business in the cannabis industry?

Like many start-ups, you’ll first need to determine what sector of the industry you are best suited to satisfy. How does your knowledge, expertise, and professional resources best match up with current and potential needs of the canna-industry?

The obvious opportunities are in the production, processing, and retail sectors. These areas of the industry will be severally restrained though, as each city and county will be limited to the number of permits it can administer. There are further opportunities in the subsidiary markets though.

No matter what you decide, our team of advisors and experts at Canna Consulting Group can help you through the process. Whether it’s helping you draft a business plan to go along with the paper work you’ll be filling for a your retail location, or develop a key product in a secondary market, you can be assured that the consultants helping you have been there before. We can even help you decipher where your expertise is best suited.

What are the risks and rewards I will encounter when entering into a canna-business?

Under current federal law the production, sales and distribution of cannabis is presently unauthorized and illegal. This makes the risk of conducting business in the cannabis industry worth thoroughly understanding. This being said, the Obama Administration has declared that it will not interfere with state marijuana laws.

There are other ways you can become involved in the cannabis industry. Seeking out ancillary industries or peripheral opportunities can increase your chances of finding your particular advantage. You may already have a unique understanding of a product that could help support the sales of cannabis.

For instance, the development of the vapor pens has transformed the way people consume cannabis concentrates. These products were undeveloped just over a year ago, and have found success and refinement in a short time.

Canna Consulting Group can help you determine where these opportunities exist for you and help get your products into the hands of your future clients.

Will the new recreational marijuana market be taken over by big business? Is there going to be room for small start-ups?

While there are companies aiming to become the Philip Morris of the cannabis industry, Seattle has written its legislation to be more favorable to small businesses.

They have done so by setting rules that would limit the number of licenses that anyone can hold to three. Further, the City of Seattle has also prohibited anyone who holds a retail license form also holding any combination of processor and/or producer licenses. These regulations will help ensure there is not a direct line of ownership from seed to sales, keeping the market place competitive for all businesses by preventing big business bullies.

It is also expected that other municipalities in Washington State will follow Seattle and King County’s lead once they have fully drafted their regulations. There will be important differences in the laws of each individual city and county throughout the state though. Leave it to our qualified experts to navigate you through the nuances.

In short, we are seeing a push from Seattle to foster a business model that is conducive to small and medium sized local businesses, with the rest of the state expected to follow shortly thereafter. Canna Consulting Group can help get you started on the right foot.

Will Canna Consulting Group representatives travel to my facility if it is out of the state of Washington?

While traveling within the state of Washington along with other states is never a problem for Canna Consulting Group, we want to make sure we are using your time and resources as productively as possible.

Before we arrange to travel to your facility, we will first outline and develop a strategic plan to ensure we accomplish your goals in a timely fashion. As our client, your needs are our top priority. We will work towards those goals endlessly, and even personally help you to implement and maintain them in your facility, no matter the location.

I only require a few hours of consulting time to help me with my business. Does Canna Consulting Group accept small-scale clients?

The canna-industry was built on the ambition and hard work of many other self-employed and small-business owners. In the beginning, we found that when we reached out to the traditional institution needed to run a legal and successful business, we were met with aversion because of the grey area of the law we operated in.

We know what it is like to not be the big payday client, trying to start up a big idea.

We at Canna Consulting Group enthusiastically welcome our fellow small-business entrepreneurs to join us. You’re job is not easy, but we are here to make it easier. As our client we will help bring shape to your vision.

What are Canna Consulting Group’s areas of expertise and qualifications?

Our team of consultants is comprised of industry leaders who met in the earliest stages of Washington’s developing cannabis marketplace. Many of the standards and procedures that were vacant in the beginning have been developed by our experts and are now being sought after by some of the industries biggest players.

With intimate insight in the developing canna-industry, our advisors are the small-business owners, operators and facilitators of some of Seattle’s best-known dispensaries, bakeries, concentrate extractors, and growers. Our combined experience represents expertise in every facet of the expanding canna-industry.

We have been the backbone of Washington’s cannabis market for the last six years. There aren’t many situations we haven’t already faced and worked through. We take pride in this and see it as our job to ensure you avert as many of the snags as possible.

What role will Canna Consulting Group play in helping me develop my business?

With over a century of experience in the canna-business between 9 consultants, there is not a facet of this industry that Canna Consulting Group has not had experience with.

We’ve done everything from filling out the stacks of required permitting paper work, to locating a site for a facility. We’ve set up some of the most fruitful growing operations, developed some of the most state of the art processing procedures, and constructed the most successful retail locations in the industry. Furthermore, we’ve had encounters with local and federal lawmakers and enforcement and have seen our way through to favorable outcomes.

Like we said, there isn’t much we haven’t endured. Let our experience and expertise help you to avoid legal and financial road bumps we’ve already encountered, giving you the time you’ll need to focus on expanding your business.

Is it legal for me to conduct business with Canna Consultant Group? What if I don’t live in the state of Washington?

Although our industry currently lives in a legal gray zone, and by Federal Law is unauthorized, the Obama Administration has said that it will not block state marijuana laws. According to Washington State law, the cannabis industry is no longer held under prohibition, making the business we conduct wholly legal.

The Canna Consulting Group is free to conduct inter-state operations because we do not buy, sell, or distribute product. Rather, we offer valuable industry insight. If you do live in another state and are interested in navigating the canna-business, we can help you to determine the best course of action and prepare you for success.