An Industry Full of Opportunities

There are numerous ways to find success in the canna-business, and our good friends at Leafly are a prime example of thinking outside the box, but with-in context.

Although recently bought-out by Privateer Holdings, Leafly was originally the inspired conception of Seattle resident Scott Vickers. A former programmer for Kelly Blue Book, Vickers got the idea when he started using marijuana to help him sleep at night but couldn’t find a well-organized site that listed the effects of the various strains. Vickers saw a need, and now the website sees 2.6 million users a month.

It makes you think, what can you bring to the market?

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Cannabis Tolerance Growing

If you are feeling like the acceptance of cannabis has been growing in the United States of the last half-century, you’d be correct. What may surprise you is the rate at which people are embracing the nearing cannabis retail market.

A recently published Gallup Poll found that 58% of Americans currently support the legalization of cannabis. This is up by 10% from last year alone, making it the first time that the American majority is in favor legalizing cannabis. Considering that in 1968 only 12% of Americans were in favor of such legislation, this marks a huge milestone for the cannabis industry and its public perception.

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Three Fundamentals to Entering the Canna Business

With marijuana being dubbed the green-rush, there are an ever-increasing number of people looking to get into the cannabusiness. Yahoo Business outlines three approaches for getting a job in the cannabis industry.

First off, having a specific, in-demand skill is essential for any job market you intend to enter, but what if you don’t know what that skill is? Number two, volunteer for marijuana advocacy groups. We also advocate that you volunteer in your community, regardless of your occupation. Lastly, have money to buy a slice. The risk here, is not understanding your investment.

Truth is, we can help you with all three.

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